Smart Home System Installation in St. Louis

St. Louis is Midwestern haven for great sports, terrific food…and some of the most extreme weather the country has to offer. Your home is under constant barrage from the elements, both hot and cold. Astro Heating and Cooling is home-grown in St. Louis, and with their decades of expertise, know the best ways to protect your investment. Smart Heating and Cooling systems–sometimes called Smart HVAC systems–have been on the market for over ten years now, and have only improved–becoming simpler to use and more efficient.

However, this doesn’t mean they’re simpler to install for the average person. Between the wiring and numerous settings, the installation of these systems are best left to professionals so they can do the job they were meant to. By picking Astro Heating & Cooling, you’re leaving your Smart HVAC installation to experts who want to help you improve the long-term health of your home and growth of your wallet.

Why Choose a Smart Heating and Cooling System?

Think of a Smart Heating and Cooling system like an open pathway to communicating with your home. No matter where you’re at–lazing on the couch or hurrying on the road–you can tell the house to adjust the temperature. Left the thermostat too high while you’re out of town? Easy fix with remote access. Want the entryway to be nice and cool after you’ve been sweating it out at work all day? Done. No matter if you want the temperature up, down, or off, you can make the call anywhere.
Smart HVAC also offers reminders for regular maintenance, provides easy and constant floor-by-floor and room-by-room control of the temperature of your home, and most importantly–it saves you money.

How Smart HVAC Systems Can Save You Money

If you’re not in the home, then likely you don’t need to run the A/C or Heater quite as much. It’s easy to forget to alter a thermostat, but Smart HVAC systems are programmable and run on the schedule you decide. With geofencing, a special feature that detects when you’re home and away, you can even set your Smart HVAC to automatically change temperatures depending on your location in and outside of the home. This alone can save you hundreds on electrical bills. Because they’re a substantial, low-risk addition to a home, they also offer huge dividends in selling homes down the line to buyers interested in convenience and specialized features.

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