Do You Need Furnace Repair In St. Louis?

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We know as well as anyone that midwest weather is as fickle as they come. Summers can be mild or blistering, and winters can be breezy or sub-zero. For those unpredictable winter months, you need to ensure that your furnace is ready to flip on at a moment’s notice. Is your furnace up to the task? 

There’s a good chance you may need furnace repair and not even know it. Has your house been taking longer to warm up after the first cold front of the season? Does the air blowing out never seem to get to the temperature you’re used to?

You and your family deserve the warmth and security of a properly heated household. Especially with colder days that can last well into the springtime, don’t let a broken furnace stand in the way of safety. If you suspect your furnace is in need of a repair, give the experts at Astro Heating & Cooling a call. We’ll walk you through every step of the process and keep your home and family safe and warm.

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Astro Heating and Cooling is an authorized Carrier dealer, providing you with great options for just about any home. We install and service Carrier’s full line of Comfort furnaces.

What Does a Typical Furnace Repair Cost in St. Louis?

Your home is a long-term investment. As such, repairs to major appliances can come at a steep cost. The typical furnace repair cost in St. Louis can range from $1,700.00 to $2,000.00. What most won’t tell you though is the associated costs with not having your furnace repair done right the first time. 

Some businesses are all about the quick and cheap option to save themselves money and time. We don’t take short-cuts on furnace repair at Astro Heating and Cooling. We pride ourselves on hard work done right. We work with integrity and communicate openly with our customers.

Too Cool for Comfort? 

Furnace problems are often the last thing you want to deal with any time of year, but especially heading into the winter and holiday season. Don’t let furnace repair costs be a deterrent. Get the furnace repair done right the first time with the experts at Astro Heating and Cooling. We’ll provide a quick estimate and get the job done, so you can carry on with the more important things in life. Have peace of mind knowing your furnace repair was handled by top HVAC experts in the St. Louis area.

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