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Your old AC unit is damaged beyond repair, and it’s the middle of the summer. It’s a scenario many of us have been challenged with. You need a new unit installed quickly and at an affordable price.

The certified team at Astro Heating & Cooling are here to help get your new AC installation complete and ready for the blistering summer weather. We’ll maximize the life expectancy of your new AC install, so you don’t have to worry about unnecessary replacement service.

We’re the experts for a reason. We take care of each customer like our own family, with care, quality, and integrity.

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With over 40 years of industry expertise, the professionals at Astro Heating & Cooling are here to install your new AC quickly and efficiently. Our exclusive Carrier Comfort systems and packages will have your home’s temperature perfectly controlled and consistent, every day, even in the most intense, midwest humidity.

Keeping You Cool, Quick and Easy A/C Installation

It seems like nothing is built to last anymore, but a new AC installation with Astro Heating & Cooling will ensure your unit far exceeds the timespan of a standard installation. 

The average lifespan of a newly installed AC unit is 10 years. With the expertise of Astro, and the preferred service agreement check-ups, we’ll stretch the lifespan of your new AC to 15 years and beyond.

Why pay for an AC installation contractor who’s only going to do the bare minimum, when you can get the quick, efficient, and overall best service in the St. Louis area with Astro Heating & Cooling? The answer is simple.

When to Consider A/C Replacement?

There are several issues to look out for when determining the root cause of your AC units failure, which may in turn need to be replaced. 

Check the thermostat first, perhaps the batteries are just dead and need replacing. Beyond that though, may be other underlying issues that could influence your decision to repair or replace and install a new AC unit.

You may need to consult expert advice if your AC unit is:

Not blowing cold air/getting cold enough

Smells off/bad

Makes loud noise when running

Leaking water or refrigerant

While many can do a great job, Astro boasts amazing customer service and quick and easy installation. Let us help you with your new AC installation. 

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