Indoor Air Quality Services

Indoor air quality services are key to maintaining the condition of the air in your home. Effectively managed air conditioning can enhance indoor air quality, which makes your house more comfortable and keeps your family healthier.
So, how do indoor air quality services impact your home? In simple terms, the air in your home is sucked through a filter, cooled, and sent out through vents. With an indoor air quality appliance, your air conditioner cleans the air, giving your family a healthier place to live!


Indoor Air Quality Appliance Installation

We utilize our free in-home consultations with each new customer to determine their needs and to ensure we are providing them with the proper products and services.

Indoor Air Quality Service

We offer free, in-home consultations to find the best solution for your home’s specific needs: air filtration products and fresh air ventilators remove pollen, mold, pet dander, odors and more to keep your home’s air safe to breathe.

Create A Healthier Home With Better Air Quality

Indoor air quality refers to the air quality within and around buildings and structures as it relates to occupant health and comfort. Temperature, humidity, ventilation, and chemical or biological contaminants all impact indoor air quality.

So long as your system can tolerate it, you can choose a tightly woven filter to collect the pollutants. It’s possible that the entire system must be inspected if your air seems stuffy or stale.

Why Are Indoor Air Quality Services Important?

Our health and well-being are linked to the quality of the air we breathe, both indoors and out. Some of the more obvious impacts of indoor air pollution, such as a disagreeable odor, may be noticed, but many others go unnoticed.

Polluted indoor air can cause a variety of health problems, such as:

  • Headaches
  • Tiredness
  • Irritated eyes
  • Inflammation of the nasal passages
  • flare-up of asthma
  • pulmonary issues
  • Symptoms of an infection
  • Problems with the heart
  • Cancer
  • Other debilitating conditions
  • Elevated levels of carbon monoxide or other toxins cause death in some people.


Testing for air quality will disclose whether the air in and around your home is healthy and how much it impacts the health of you and your family members.

Let Astro Help Improve The Air You Breathe

There are many aspects to air quality testing. It involves collecting a variety of samples, both from the ground and from the air. An air quality test from Astro Heating & Cooling will give you with information on the quality of air in your home, as well as the sources of contamination.

The good news? You can control the quality of the air you breathe. At Astro Heating & Cooling, we provide indoor air quality testing and improvement services. Our expert specialists can help you solve your indoor air quality issues at home or work!

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