What To Do When Your A/C Is Not Cooling In St. Louis

St. Louis sports some of the hottest weather in the country and–when combined with our signature humidity–it can be unbearable and even dangerous. A reliable home cooling system is essential.

A/C systems, being complex machines, can fail for all kinds of reasons–large and small. Even a top-of-the-line system can underperform or worse if it wasn’t properly installed. But no matter the problem, if your A/C is not cooling, Astro Heating & Cooling has the expertise to fix it.


Commercial A/C Installation and Maintenance

Proper air conditioner installation and maintenance keeps the air that you, your employees and the customers that come in and out of your business daily safe and healthy to breathe.

A/C Maintenance Agreement

Conducting regular air conditioner maintenance offers the benefits of a healthier home environment, unobstructed comfort and the opportunity to save money on your electric bills and future repairs.

A/C Installation

Proper air conditioner installation is crucial to ensure your unit functions as it should for the duration of its use.

A/C Repair

Our team has extensive air conditioner repair experience in the St. Louis area, and our trucks are equipped to repair 99% of your air conditioner problems in one visit.

Get Your Air Conditioning Solution from the HVAC Experts

With combined experience spanning decades of earned expertise, Astro Heating & Cooling knows how to restore, repair, and (if necessary) replace any A/C system. Many problems with an A/C that is not cooling can be surprisingly simple and inexpensive to fix, and our reputation is staked on finding the simplest, most cost-efficient solution for our customers. We always strive to give you options to save money in the short and long-term on your home investment.

Many problems with an A/C system not cooling can be circumvented entirely just from proper installation, so make sure that if you are in the market for a new system, put your trust in the decades of experience accrued from the technicians with Astro Heating & Cooling.

Your A/C system is an integral part of your home, and so its protection needs to be comprehensive. In addition to standard repair and installation, Astro Heating & Cooling offers an exhaustive maintenance program to prevent costly repairs or the stress of emergency replacements. This program features annual visits in which certified experts ensure your home will keep you comfortable for another season.

There are all kinds of A/C systems. Some are just simple air conditioner units, but many others incorporate heat pumps, air handlers, and even ductless systems. But Astro Heating & Cooling is prepared for all eventualities and boasts on-call experts who will help you in your time of need.

Astro Heating & Cooling is not just residential. If your commercial A/C system is not cooling, this can drive off customers and negatively affect working conditions. Luckily, Astro Heating & Cooling is ready to solve even the problems that these larger, more intricate systems present in the most effective way possible.

Let Astro Help when Your A/C Is Not Cooling

99% of the problems that air conditioners create can be solved in one visit from our well-equipped trucks. Your home, comfort, and safety are well worth the visit.

Call us now or book an appointment online. We’re available for regular service 5 days a week, including emergency service 24/7.

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