Protect Your AC Investment With HVAC Preventative Maintenance


Rest Assured with Regular AC Maintenance

You’ve installed your new AC unit, and that’s the biggest step. But now you need to consider HVAC preventative maintenance. With the fully utilized suite of Astro Heating & Cooling’s systems, the best course of action is to invest in our preferred service agreement.

To ensure the optimal installation and comfort your home deserves, HVAC preventative maintenance is essential to the lifecycle of your AC system.

The team at Astro Heating & Cooling offer a full preferred service agreement with your new AC installation. Your AC maintenance agreement investment offers a wide range of coverage, including bi-annual performance tune-ups and complimentary 24-hour priority service.

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Your newly installed Comfort by Carrier furnace is backed by our Maintenance Agreement. We can service and tune-up your new AC any time throughout the year. 

Easy HVAC Preventative Maintenance Schedule for Your Home

It’s recommended that you get HVAC preventative maintenance once per year. However, the experts at Astro Heating & Cooling understand and value the importance of extending the longevity of your newly installed HVAC system and full package.

The most ideal time to schedule your HVAC preventative maintenance is in the spring season, before your AC goes into its heavy lifting. But you can schedule with us at any time of the year. We’re flexible to work best with your busy schedule.

We make it easy. All you have to do is call or contact us online.

The Benefits of HVAC Preventative Maintenance 

With Astro Heating & Cooling’s HVAC preventative maintenance, our professional crew inspects your cooling system to ensure it’s working efficiently and safely.

They’ll examine every component:

Inspecting the outdoor unit

Checking filter life

Refrigerant levels

Examining ductwork

Don’t skip your HVAC preventative maintenance or struggle through another hot St Louis summer. We make it easy to get in touch over the phone or online with a simple click.

Let’s Get Your Maintenance Appointment on the Books

Are you looking to schedule your HVAC preventative maintenance today? Give us a call or book with our online contact form, 24/7.