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More space means more power. Astro Heating & Cooling are HVAC experts that can handle commercial furnace and cooling installation and maintenance in any shape or form. 

We’re equipped to install and service standard commercial rooftop units (RTUs), commercial multi-split systems, single split systems, Variable Air Volume (VAV) or Constant Air Volume (CAV) single duct systems, and commercial ductless types of HVAC systems.

At Astro Heating & Cooling has a commercial department that can manage everything from small offices to large-scale commercial buildings needing new HVAC systems. Our goal is to provide the best service possible, from installation to maintenance to customer service.

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Astro Heating & Cooling are proud to be authorized dealers of the Carrier family of HVAC systems. Learn more about their commercial systems and we’ll guide you through any additional questions.

Purchase, Install, Peace-of-Mind

A few considerations come into play while deciding between repair and replacement. If you’ve spent money on repairs in the last several seasons, your ten to fifteen-year-old system is probably due for replacement. Maintaining an old furnace and air conditioning will cost you money in the long run. 

Installing a new, more efficient commercial-grade HVAC unit is an investment in your company’s future. Furnace annual fuel usage efficiency (AFUE) has improved significantly in the last 30 years. Retrofitted 1970s furnaces systems run at roughly 65% efficiency, whereas some newer models run at 100% energy efficiency. For commercial cooling systems, the Commercial AC installation and maintenance pros at Astro Heating & Cooling will extend the lifespan of your AC unit well beyond the average ten years, saving you money on energy and helping the environment too.




All these types of commercial heating furnaces and air conditioners are frequently installed, repaired, and maintained by the Astro Heating & Cooling team.:

Furnaces that run on natural gas

Furnaces using oil

Evaporative cooling systems


Heat pumps with an air-source

Geothermal heating systems

Commercial rooftop unit services

Services for commercial split systems

Commercial ductless AC services

A regular preventative maintenance routine, including in-house and professional maintenance, is essential if you replace your business’s current outdoor unit.

Many factors must be considered when purchasing a new HVAC unit for your office building. All our systems are backed by a service guarantee, which allows you to save money on future repairs. At Astro, you can trust your investment both now and in the future. Contact us to learn more about what units would best fit your needs.

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